just a bit of humorous weird products that exist today, im procrastinating! 

  2. My hair and make up for bubbles out of powerpuff girls!

  3. Two of my final pieces #gfw #clogs #womenswear

  4. Found this on my towel :P

  5. Someone doesn’t like paparazzi

  6. 1 pair of clogs have arrived!!!

  7. Sneak peak of one of my prints!

  8. i totally forgot this but…Tainted Dinamite turned 2 today!

    (Source: assets)

  9. Aza Shade on why sexuality is a weapon

    The punk artist on her Asian background and making ‘Russian prostitute rock’


  10. Designing chucky doll outfits :/ crazy random print madness!!

  11. After being a busy lady i haven’t had much time but watch this space i am back with a new launch of Tainted Dinamite!!!

  12. Casually reading through an old joke book stumble upon this for some reason i cant stop laughing

  13. Selling these chelsea boots!! Asos worn once! Size 6- fit small hence selling them :) for £45

  14. Need help getting work done i will pay in terrys chocolate orange :)