1. Just playing with my photos from my collection.

  2. Wearing my new nike’s ooh yeah!!

  3. Sun& sea & surf!!! At croyde bay!!

  4. Just getting abit crafty with my old hanger and jewellery!



  6. I am going to promise at least one post a week, apologies i have been relaxing after completing my degree and starting a new blog to do with funny anicdoates of being a fashion student :) more information soon!!!

  7. Just found this old photo from second year abstract design module- bit of a flashback feels so long ago! @emsung you recall us making the shirt :)

  8. lush today that’s all i can say

  9. Mr Seagle isn’t scared of us

  10. Preview of some new work :/ taking forever!!!

  11. This is how we drink! Peachy goodness!

  12. I duno where I put all my sunglasses so I found these haha

  13. Sneak peek preview


  14. please do my survey guys it would really help me with my dissertation :) thanks x


    just a bit of humorous weird products that exist today, im procrastinating!